Attention, Kaunas residents!

Attention, Kaunas residents!

We invite you to visit the new Exchangelt currency exchange in Kaunas-the shopping and entertainment center of Akropolis. This is already our third chapter in Kaunas, but completely different!
We invite you to visit and evaluate the new design section! From now on, Exchangelt will be a big step towards a more convenient and innovative way to exchange!

Why Choose us?
• We negotiate a course from 1 Eur
Pre-book currency
• We replace even 48 currencies
• Some of the best currency exchange rates in Kaunas City
• Western Union Cash Remittances
• Access to cash credits and transfer
• Tax refunds for foreign nationals

We will be waiting for you at King Mindaugas Pr. 49, LT-44333 Kaunas
(PPC Akropolis), Tel. + 370 640 29009, working hours: I-VII 9-21 H


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