The Swiss National Bank has presented the new 200-francs banknote

200/CHF banknote Photo: Swiss National Bank

Switzerland introduced the latest banknote, which will be in circulation starting on 22 August 2018. Following the publication of 50 francs, 20 francs and 10 CHF nominee, that is the fourth of the six new banknote series. In order to maintain high safety standards and to protect the public against counterfeiting, the new Swiss banknotes have the latest protection, which includes design features that can be seen only under a microscope or UV radiation. According to the Swiss National Bank (SNB) statement, the new 200 Franco design should reflect the scientific excellence of Switzerland. In the new Karen 200 The images are shown to be related to research.

200 of the Swiss francs banknote. Photo: Swiss National Bank

New 10 francs banknote, released in 2017. In October, the International Banknote Society (IBNS) was evaluated as the best banknote of the year. The same award was received by the 2016, 50 francs banknote.

The new 1000 francs version will be made available in 2019. In May and the updated 100 francs banknote should be presented in 2019. Fall.


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