You should avoid the trouble of cash on trips in advance: Specialists advise you to change money rather than plan

Even though the net wallets are increasingly being replaced by plastic cards, sometimes they are mandatory. Some of these cases are travel, but are not necessarily in exotic countries. President of the Licensed currency exchange "Exchangelt", Anatoliy Miknevičius, and the famous traveler in the heart of the city, the United in the united in the making of part of the cash journey you must have with you, as this will help to avoid the many Trouble.

Situations that do not accept cards – frequent payment for domestic travel, shopping at local markets, losing a bank card, and many other situations become real headache for travellers or even financially Cash in the wallet. Mr Miknevičius, head of Exchange office, warns: "There are still a lot of countries in the world where the cabinet is just a convenient way to settle – cash. This is mostly the third world countries. In some countries of Asia, Latin America, Africa or the Far East, access to a bank card or ATM may not be possible for the simple reason-not to expand the banking and the bank-measurement network or frequent connection problems ". In the similar unpleasant situations have gotten in the same layout. The traveler says that when buying for less than 10 euros, some states settle the card simply cannot. "With this I am in Thailand, if the amount is less than €10, they will not accept card payments. Therefore, if you have to do so, such as water, chocolate or patch, you must pay in cash. This is true even in the European Union, for example in Greece, ' says Macan.


A further case is the departure tax in the Philippines which the R. Širvinsk had to pay. ' The fee had to be paid in their local currency. Since it was a small island, even an ATM was nowhere near. The cash was not enough because it was the end of the journey. Of course, it's a shame that I didn't want to keep an exit charge, but aided locals. They exchanged euro to the local currency at no additional cost. If I didn't pay the tax, I wouldn't even have been boarding the plane, "recalls the traveler.
Among the services we often need to pay in cash – medical services, especially in Asian countries. During the holiday the Macarine was forced to travel to a medical institution. Although he had insurance, he was asked initially to pay and then to recover the money from the insurance company. No one would have intended to spend any money out of the office. "I left them my passport as a deposit and I ran into an ATM to purise money. OK, it all ended happily, but the legacy of the passport was probably the worst thing I could do. In Thailand it is very popular to insist on a buy-in for an individual document, "-Argues traveler R. Širvinsk.

Part of the money for the journey – and even though the bank cards do not seem to be more reliable and more convenient for payment than a traveller, the specialists call for tours on both bank cards and cash in local currency. The amount to be transported must be decided on the basis of the country, duration and nature of the journey. ' The amount of money required depends on the country's standard of living: lower cost of living in the country will be lower, so you need less cash. The amount is, of course, also dependent on the time of the stay and the nature of the journey envisaged. For recreational or sightseeing travel you will need a higher amount of less cash. We recommend up to 40% Planned trips spend the money to hold in cash. Even if you have lost access to cards (theft or otherwise) will feel confident and comfortable ",-advise Exchangelt guide.
A. Miknevičius advises against the transport of local currencies, which is a pre-departure. "It is best to take the local currency on trip unless import/export of the local currency is considered to be a criminal activity (there are also such States). If the Exchange office in the home country does not deal with the necessary currency, US dollars or euros should be carried. It is this currency that will help you. But even in that case, you won't be guaranteed, for example, in Namibia, no one will ignore any other currency only in the local area, "warns the Exchange Office manager.

Where to replace cash? Mr Miknevičius observes that some people in the net are struggling to make changes to their domestic currency before they go – in their home country, while other exchange offices are looking for a visit. The practitioner calls such solutions as risky. ' without experience and knowledge of the courses and fees applied in the offices, banks or ATMs of the other party, it is possible to burn scouts. Cases of fraud are also a frequent tourist attendant: Sometimes the issue of the issue of the issue of the issue of the issue of the issue of the person is invalid in the country (the representative of the company). It's a good idea to think about where you can save money when you change your home country. "Part of people's net change in banks, but this does not always mean the best offered course for the customer – the currency exchange is not the main banking business. We also see a decline in banking departments where cash operations are available, which is not convenient for customers, "discusses the handbook. As Mr Miknevičius observes, for more than 20 years in the Exchange area, licensed exchange offices can often be not only more convenient but also a useful choice for travellers. According to him, in opening his first licensed Exchange office, Currexprime, the current name-Exchangelt, in Lithuania, the main purpose of the company indicated that it was not only to offer customers a more convenient exchange, but also better margins. The same objectives are claimed in the renewed exchange offices for Exchangelt, which have consistently expanded the range of services. "We currently have 10 divisions in the major cities of Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, and we are planning further development-we will open two additional exchange in Kaunas. They are located in convenient locations.


All currency exchange offices work on a daily basis and there are no successive regulatory terminals for the preparation of trips not only easy, but also convenient. Therefore, the client service process is faster. Together with the currency exchange, we offer other services, such as we are a partner of Western Union and provide a cash remittance service, "The advantages are lists A. Miknevičius. According to the CEO, the company's customers have the ability to exchange not only a variety of currencies, but also to expect a better rate. Exchangelt Trades 48 foreign currencies, so that the right cash can be supplied to many countries. In addition, regardless of the amount that is being changed, the customer has the opportunity to request a better course, "the head of the company tells Smiles".